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Gay Wrestling

Erotic Gay Wrestling Videos

Two powerhouses come face-to-face in Naked Kombat, where fighters engage in real combat for three 8-minute rounds, whereupon the winner gets his way with the loser in the final Sex Round. In the third round of this bout, these muscle studs are slipping, sliding and slamming — with water gushing from above. Muscle studs […]

Gay Muscle Wrestling

Two muscle studs are yanked off of the streets and made to fight. In this strange sci-fi world, H3 — a third-generation holographic moderator — runs the show for an unseen force. There’s only one rule: the winner fucks the loser. Only when H3’s creator is satisfied may the winner receive his freedom.

Erotic Gay Wrestling

 These two erotic guys both have a complete lack of inhibition enabling them to rassle with each other, tearing off the opponents lycra revealing their cute sexy bodies, Alex’s rippling six pack and John’s extensive range of tattoos. John eventually submits and finds himself subjected to a hot fucking on the mats from […]

Gay Male Naked Wrestling

 Girlfriends aren’t told about this nude gays club; they wouldn’t understand. The animal aggression these gays have to expend is their business alone. They don’t worry about the cameras-only people who appreciate hot hard rough naked one on one action will want to watch. This is about keeping lean and mean; being part of an […]

Gay Sex Wrestling

Naked Kombat: fighters engage in real combat for three 8-minute rounds, then the winner gets his way with the loser in the final Sex Round.
This shoot is the very first time Cole Streets has sex on camera. Tall, slim Cole has little experience with fighting, but his size is a great advantage over his opponent.
Patrick […]

Nude Gay Wrestling

 Some boys are straight, others are gay. Labels don’t matter here.This gay wrestling club exists because these nude gays have got tired of the status quo; rules have had to be broken . They want hard hot naked action. They don’t give a shit about political correctness, they want raw tough sweaty wrestling, they want […]

Gay Wrestling


 To proceed from here you must want to view the Gay Wrestling Club. This is only for converts with an eye for well toned naked gays expending their energies wrestling and fucking each other in their own secret club. You only advance from here if you want to see their young animal instincts empowered or […]